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"ars distillandi aurum potabile" – "The art of distilling drinkable gold”: This was how particularly successful distillate was described in the middle ages. Throughout its long history the distillery Pircher Brennerei has remained true to this saying. It begins in 1215 at the time of the German Order of Knights which had been founded in 1198, when Kaiser Friedrich II gave a church to the monks. At about the same time, Pope Boniface IX assigned the parish of Lana to them.

Little information has been passed down about distilling at that time. Distilling started officially in 1884 when the German Order monastery was completed. In the middle of the last century three members of the Pircher family, a family of farmers and fruit merchants, took over the monastic wine cellars. Thanks to their experience in the fruit business, the distillery started producing strong aromatic natural liqueurs alongside the traditional clear pomace liqueurs – with increasing success. In the late 1970s production was moved to larger premises close to the main Bozen – Meran (Bolzano – Merano) road. Management, the logistics centre and a high quality shop are in a visitor-friendly location in the middle of Lana.

Today the Pircher Brennerei enjoys a reputation as an excellent manufacturer of high quality brandies and fruit liqueurs. More than 25,000 tons of fruit are distilled every year. Despite their large turnover, the name Pircher stands for consistently high quality. From the selection of the fruit, via the optimal distillation process and monitoring of production, right up to the art of creating a consistently high quality cuvée, they remain true to the historic saying, "ars distillandi aurum potabile".